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first-hand the level of flight training we offer and get a feel for how flight training will be. You actually get to sit in the left seat and take the controls!

It can take anywhere from six months to three years to complete your training towards a licence or permit depending on your schedule and your budget. We offer all the services you will need right here within our company ... no need to travel! Why not call us today at 519-364-4667 to discuss our programs!

The first step in becoming a pilot is making that final decision to call us and start down the path that will make your dreams reality.

We invite you to come and meet with us, see our facilities and ask any questions you may have. While certain courses are in a structured classroom type setting, much of the programs can be tailored to suit each individual. A great place to start is with an introductory flight which includes a 30 minute ground briefing and a 30 minute flight. This will let you see first

Private Pilot Course

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A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) allows you to fly single engine aircraft with as many passengers as there are seats in the airplane. You must be at least 17 years of age (14 to solo) to obtain a PPL. This Licence allows you to add ratings such as a Night rating, VFR Over the Top, Float and Instrument rating to expand your flying experience.

A minimum 40 hour ground school course is required by Transport Canada.The amount of flight instruction needed before a flight test varies. Although Transport Canada requires a minimum of 45 hours, the national average is higher. You can decide how often you fly. Your instructor will provide you with the best possible training to obtain your PPL in the most efficient manner.  

Prior to the issue of a PPL, candidates must write and pass the Transport Canada written examination to a minimum passing mark of 70%. This exam may be booked and written at our office here in Hanover.      

Recreational Pilot Training

The Recreational Permit allows you to fly as pilot-in-command of a single-engine airplane designed to carry a maximum of four passengers, but with no more than one passenger, only during the day and only in Canada. You must be 16 years of age (14 for first solo) and hold a minimum Category 4 medical

Prior to the issue of a RPP,  students must have the required minimum of 25 hours in total flight training, must write and pass the Transport Canada examination to a minimum passing mark of 60% and pass a flight test. 
No ratings may be added to this Permit.
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Private Pilot Ground School Topics   

    - Air Regulations
    - Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight
    - Meteorology
    - Airframes and Engines

    - Flight Instruments   
    - Radio and Electronic Theory
    - Navigation
    - Flight Operations
    - Licensing and Medical Requirements

    - Human Factors

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Give us a call to discuss a plan and schedule
that will work for you!

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