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We Offer
Private Pilot Program     
Recreational Pilot Program  
Night Ratings
VFR - Over The Top      
Re-currency Training            
Check Rides
Written Examinations     
Radio Operators Course        Ground School
Sight Seeing Flights         
Student Pilot Permits

Kuhl Aero Academy operates out of the Saugeen Municipal Airport with the ICAO identifier CYHS.

All flight training is conducted in a 1969 Cessna 172K. This single engine aircraft has a proven record in terms of safety and reliability.

Our Cessna 172 is a four seat, single engine, high wing aircraft with a Type 406 ELT. The engine is an 0-320 Lycoming rated at 160 h.p. Cessna aircraft were first flown in 1955, and more 172s have been built than any other aircraft.

We take great pride in our aircraft and maintain it to the highest standards.

The facilities at our main base of operation include a main office, a boardroom and a Transport Canada approved exam centre where our students can write the required exams applicable to their rating or permit.
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